"Simply the Best"

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Laurie Barna's 

"Liberty #116:  American Ink"

Candy Yu's

"Spring In Filoli"

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Don Wieland's


Paula Tuerk's

"Open Air Market - Murano"

Joseph Ribera's

"Man and Dog"

Zhi Su's


Honorable Mention
#555-Large Poppy Collage.jpg

Christine Oliver's

"Poppy Collage"


Don Paquin's

"Willow Glen Garden"

Yvonne Newhouse's

"Home Garden"

Shaowei Liu's

"Bennett Juniper

Dmitry Grudsky's

"Song Writer"

First Place

Tanvi Buch's

"Hopper House"


David Massey's


Young Bruno.JPG

Anna Jacke's

"Young Bruno"

Sun Chang's

"Warrior Mom"

Susan Jochheim's


Second Place

Eileen Logsdon Bugée's

"Clementina’s Garten"

Honorable Mention

Toni Gregorio-Bunch's

"View of Diablo Range near Mount Hamilton"

John Ediger's

"The Red Barn"

Sycamore Leaf.jpg

Liz Siegel's

"Sycamore Leaf"

Richard Zunkel's

"Breakwater Lighthouse"


Patricia Lewis's


Roberta Denny_Fish Shack.jpg

Roberta Denny's

"Fish Shack"

Ward Shall we dance.jpg

Betty Ward's

"Shall We Dance?"


Rich Bloechl's

"Bay Shrimp Boat"

Broncha Berger's

"Smart Dog"

Joanne Pommers's

"Matilija Poppies"

Salinda Zunkel's

"Wine Grapes"

Edna Acri's

"Dance on a Branch"

Honorable Mention

Lisa Thomas's


Susan Butler-Graham_Sunny Centerpiece.jp

Susan Butler-Graham's

"Sunny Centerpiece"

Third Place

Pratima Misra's

"Fall Ecstasy"


Linda Palmor's

"Along the Trail"

Cat person.jpg

Carol Worthington-Levy's

"No, really, I am NOT a cat person!"

Kathy Kleinsteiber's

"What's Down There? - Roseate Spoonbills"

My Turn Tsai.jpg

Christy Tsai's

"My Turn"

Saltman Hidden Villa Horse Barn.jpg

Jane C. Saltman's

"Hidden Villa Horse Barn"

Winter Creek DESOTO.jpg

Rafael DeSoto, Jr.'s

"Winter Creek"